Best Way to Discipline a 1 Year Old

One of the things that every parent needs to know when teaching their child is that the best way to discipline a 1 year old is not to use physical force at all.

Parents need to learn that it is not okay to hit their child, even in the most innocent of ways. If you are a parent and you want to learn the best way to discipline a 1 year old here are some tips for you.

First off never hit your child. Even if they misbehave, do not hit them. This can lead to severe punishment from the child’s perspective and can cause the child to fear you.

The child will eventually get the message that hitting is wrong and bad. You must stay consistent and firm on this one.

Set a limit on how often you tell your child to be quiet or to stop screaming. Setting these limits at any time will confuse your child.

They will start to wonder what time they should be quiet or stopped screaming. Also, set a limit on how often you remind your child to put his or her clothes on.

Every single time they do something wrong remind them to do it again.

Be consistent in praising accomplishments. Children get praised for good behavior on a regular basis so be consistent in your rewards.

For every skill completed you give a small award or sticker. For example, give a sticker to the child who was able to roll over and sit up.

Avoid giving out Punishment. The amount of time you spend reprimanding your child does not have to take away from your enjoyment of time with your child.

In fact, it should only take a small amount of time. This will reinforce good behavior and the child will look forward to it when he or she gets some time alone with you.

Put yourself in your child’s shoes. Think back on many times when you misbehaved as a child and how much it annoyed your parents.

It can make you want to act even worse. The best way to discipline your child will be to do the same thing to them.

Be firm but fair. If you are having a hard time pleasing your child then it might be time to talk to your child directly.

Explain your reasons for whatever you are doing and the best way to discipline your child will involve communication.

So there you have it. We have talked about some of the best things to expect from a parent and what they should look out for in a parent to parent relationship.

The best way to discipline a 1 year old is to show your child love all the time, and when you do this your child will listen to you and pay attention to what you tell him or her.

Be consistent with your actions. This is probably the best way to discipline a child in general. A child will only learn through experience.

Don’t make promises you won’t be able to keep. Your actions also have to be loving towards your child at all times.

It is also important to remember that teaching your child how to stay quiet or wait their turn will work far better than telling them to be quiet.

This just teaches them to become impatient and will make it harder for you to get them to listen. What you should do instead is to be encouraging and patient.

This is one of the best ways to discipline your child because if you don’t try to encourage your child, they aren’t going to try much either. If you are consistent though you can teach your child to listen.

There is no single best way to discipline a child. Each child has their own personalities and habits.

If you decide that being a good role model is more important to you than getting your way, then by all means do it.

However, if you do decide that yelling and screaming will get the job done, be sure to use other methods besides physical.

A great way to get your child’s attention is to play some calming music and give them a toy.

The best way to discipline a 1 year old is to find what works for you and to stick to it. There will always be new ways to get your child to listen.

As your child gets older you may be able to experiment with new ways, but for now just stick to the basics.

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