Better Ways to Discipline Your Child

In this article I am going to share with you some better ways to discipline your child. There are times when our child does something that is not okay and we feel like we are doing the wrong thing.

But what usually happens is that we try to get in the middle of it, which only makes things worse.

What I want you to know are some of the better ways to discipline your child without having to get into a messy argument or making them cry.

One of the better ways to discipline your child is to use incentives.

This might sound like a difficult task because as humans we hate to be rewarded, but if you are able to find creative ways to reward your child for doing the right thing then they will appreciate it.

For example if your child has done a good job at picking up their toys than you can make them do another one today and maybe give them a small snack afterwards.

The key here is to find creative rewards that your child will actually enjoy.

Another great way to discipline your child is to make sure that they have consequences. If they are not following your rules than you should tell them in a way that they will understand.

For example if you tell your child that if they are not picking their toys up by the end of the day that they will have to clean their room.

Then at the end of the day they will realize that they need to pick up their toys because their mess made it on the floor and now their room is filthy.

So the next time you are thinking of better ways to discipline your child take a moment and think about what you are actually doing.

If you punish your child for something that they did not do then they are never going to learn.

On the other hand if you reward your child for doing things that you approve of then they will be motivated to do them again the next time around.

Remember that you do not want to do this as a punishment but as a reward because that will help them learn to better control themselves.

Also keep in mind that your child will take this on as a challenge to see how far they can go with it. They will see that they are competing and they will try harder. This is a good thing.

A great way to teach your child how to better control their behavior is to get them started with an behavior chart.

It is a chart that has the child’s name on it, their grades, and a goal that they must meet each month. You can customize this to suit your child.

You can put a star which is the most difficult for them to reach and mark the days on the chart when they meet the goal. As your child gets better at meeting their goals you can move the star up on the chart.

Another one of the better ways to discipline your child is to involve them in positive reinforcement. This is where you give an extra special treat to your child when they do something that you approve of.

Keep a notepad handy so you can give the treat as soon as you get your child’s attention when they do the right thing.

One of the better ways to discipline your child is to let him or her learn by example. If you have a really good way of disciplining your child then let everyone know about it.

Tell the school officials, the teachers, and anyone else who may be able to see the way you handle your child. If you are consistent with your ways of handling your child, then they will be consistent with theirs.

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