Disciple Your Child

Disciple Your Child

  • Did you know that there are five aspects to parenting a disciple of your child?
  • Do you have them in mind as you read this article?
  • Are you following these aspects of disciple your child?
  • Or are you missing some of the important components that make a good leader?

First, disciple your child by disciplining them according to the gospel as taught by Jesus. There is no excuse for letting your child off the hook, especially when it is their own fault. Jesus said in the Gospels that he disciplines what he preaches. Every disciple should do the same thing when it comes to teaching the word of God to their children.

Second, disciple your child by disciplining them according to the Christian home rule. According to home rules, the concept of disciplining means that parents are to set rules and guidelines for their children that they themselves follow. This will encourage your child to follow Christ and become a disciple.

Third, disciple your child by treating them with love. Christian parenting is founded on the idea that God wants and needs the parents to be one with their children.

Therefore, Christian parents must show affection for their children. Showing affection does not mean coddling. However, it does mean acknowledging the child’s good points and flaws. A genuine Christian parent loves their spouse, children, and even siblings.

Fourth, extend roots when it comes to disciple-making. Parents must extend roots and be a part of their child’s life from when they are born. They must be willing to get married and be involved in their children’s life. They should extend their arms and offer their homes as foster homes for their spiritual children. A genuine Christian parent offers comfort and solace to troubled and sad children. Such a parent is a true disciple.

Fifth, make disciplining your child fun. A child can easily become bored with home rules and setbacks. So, as much as possible, make disciplining your children joy. Please encourage your child to do their homework, participate in activities and sports, and go on field trips. In short, make home life fun.

Sixth, use literature on Christian parenting. You can consult works on Christian parenting techniques. You can also consult the Bible. These books and authors can help you become a better Christian parent.

Seventh, have patience. Patience and persistence are essential to becoming a great Christian parent. You have to allow your patience and persistence to endure. The ultimate victory is when you are not discouraged and not distracted by worldly pressures. Remember that you can be a great Christian parent. You can become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

You can be a great Christian parent by showing your child the right way to do things. As a child of God, your duty is to follow the example of your parents. If you want your child to become a Christian, you must first show them how to follow Christ.

Then, as he grows older, encourage him to instruct those under his authority to do likewise. Encourage your child to read the Word of God regularly and attend church regularly.

By following these steps, you can become a disciple of Christ. As a Christian parent, you need to have a good, positive, faith-shaped parenting strategy. One strategy is to begin by being a trustworthy steward of God’s love. You can be a trustworthy steward by showing your child that you have Christ’s love as your motivation to be a good steward.

To be a trustworthy steward means that you will always put your child’s needs before your own. A Christian home allows children to grow up with honesty, integrity, trust, and dependability.

A second way to become a disciple of Christ is to have a marriage relationship with Jesus. Jesus teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman. If you want your child to have a marriage relationship with Jesus, encourage them to marry someone from the opposite gender. This will not only strengthen their love for their parent but also provide an opportunity for them to learn to be a steward of God’s love.

A third way to become a disciple of Christ through parenting is never to criticize or be critical of your child. Jesus was a perfect person, so if you are going to imitate him, you must also be a perfect person yourself. Criticism is not allowed in the household of God. Instead, praise and worship. This is why many Christian parents find it easier to become Christian parents while still parenting.

Disciple Your Child

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