Discipline Techniques For 4 Year Olds

Discipline techniques for 4 year olds can be difficult for parents to teach because of their young age and inexperience.

I have been teaching 4 year olds for almost ten years and have had to change methods and techniques from what worked for me, to what doesn’t work anymore for my students.

Discipline can mean different things to different people and even to the same children. For children it is not so much discipline as it is structure and guidance to follow a set of rules or guidelines.

These can include; not hitting your siblings or biting your sibling, no sucking on your siblings’ toes, never lying or stealing, never hitting your pet or verbally abusing you child.

These are discipline techniques for kids that the parent can devise to fit the specific needs of the child and can also accommodate the child’s personality.

The parent should also take into consideration the other people in the home that the child will be interacting with.

This could include other siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, aunts, cousins, friends, etc. All these factors need to be taken into consideration when formulating a plan of discipline.

Some of the discipline techniques for kids that parents use are; limiting television, video games, computer use and sports.

Limiting television and video games can be effective because the child needs to be left alone to do their own thing.

This enables them to get into the mind set of being self sufficient.

On the other hand, by limiting computer use, the child will be more responsible and understand the value of being a good kid and keeping their time with friends.

Computer usage can include homework, reading and using the internet.

Another form of discipline techniques for kids is to reward good behavior and ignore inappropriate behavior.

This rewards the child for good behavior and builds self-esteem in the child which is helpful in all aspects of life. I like to add that rewarding is better than punishing. Punishing is never a good idea.

When disciplining your child you need to make sure you remain calm and in control.

You may want to consider getting a pad of paper and writing down the things that are bothering your child or irritating them.

Ask yourself if it fits into the family. Is it necessary?

It is important to make sure you stick to your guns. If you change your mind, your child could become frustrated and have a temper tantrum.

Try not to make your child feel guilty for even the smallest mistakes. You should make sure you reward any accomplishments they make.

Be sure not to let your child feel they are bad or silly. It is always great to praise a child for a job well done.

When disciplining your child always show patience. Remember children learn from their mistakes and oftentimes they are quick to point out how they are wrong.

So remember to be patient when listening to your child. They are very young and will quickly outgrow their mistakes.

Discipline techniques for 4 year olds are essential and very useful if properly used. Many parents make big mistakes by jumping to hard rules that their children can’t understand. So don’t make the same mistake.

Most of all make sure you talk to your child. They need to hear from you. You can use discipline to communicate your thoughts to your child.

Discuss what is going on in his life and why you think it is important to discipline him. Also share with him your goals of raising him to be a well mannered, responsible adult.

If you are having problems with your child, do not be afraid to talk to them about it. I am sure you probably made a lot of mistakes already and would like some help with that.

It is not easy raising a child but it can be done if both parents work together. Remember you can only parent so much so try to be there for your child no matter what.

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