Hard To Let Go Of Someone You Love

Hard To Let Go Of Someone You Love

Trying so hard to let go of someone you love, even when they’ve made attempts to leave is stressful, emotionally draining, and feels like, sometimes, fruitless exercise.

But knowing why it is so difficult to let someone go is also good way to begin the road to healing. Because, you can save.

Even if they have tried to leave, and have followed through in an attempt to run away, you can still help them. You just need to understand why.

Why is it so difficult to let go of a person you love? Is there anything you can do to change their mind or reprogram their neural matrix to align with yours so that they are less resistant to your influence?

Well, the answer is yes. There is something that you, as well as they, can do. It’s called” limbic brain programming” and it basically enables you to change the way your brain responds to your emotions so that you experience less conflict (feelings) with those around you.

Have you ever been left alone in a room alone and felt horrible, angry, and rejected?

You then went into a frenzy and sent a stream of negative messages to that person and they replied in kind and left you feeling even worse.

But, you knew deep down that person was hurting you still loved them. This is because, according to the law of the least resistance, the brain that controlled your feelings and behaviors automatically gave you “signals” that you were in pain and you followed through by acting out to make yourself feel better.

It was hard to let go of someone you love because the pain was deep and you could not erase the message that said “I need to be fed”.

The same thing happens inside your head. If you’re like most people, you go through life consistently sabotaging yourself by engaging in negative self talk to protect yourself from abandonment, criticism, pain, or rejection.

This sabotaging behavior gets stored in your unconscious mind and manifests itself in many ways.

For example, you may become angry when you don’t receive a promotion or respect from your boss. Or, you may act angry when your kids act bad or when you don’t get your hopes up for the future.

So, here’s what you can do to release the pain and anger that you have been carrying around inside of you since birth.

First, you must change your thoughts to reframe everything back to where you want to be. In fact, you must imagine where you would be if you didn’t get hurt or left behind by someone.

Now, it is important that you don’t simply act out your fears or frustrations by getting upset.

You must instead practice turning those emotions into positive energy that will empower you to take control of your life and destiny and let go of the fear, anger, or resentment that has been holding you back from reaching your potential.

Second, you must release the emotional pain that you are carrying around in your conscious mind. This is where all the hard work begins because it keeps you emotionally alive and in control of your life.

One way that you can let go is to write down your top ten disappointments that you have experienced in your life and see how many of them are connected to the emotional pain you are carrying around.

Once you have identified your top disappointments, write down the emotional pain you are feeling about each one, and resolve to overcome the negative emotion that is tied to it.

Third, start looking at the hard to let go of someone that you care about very deeply. You may have tried talking to the person that you want to get back, but you have been unsuccessful.

Remember that people are programmed to keep repeating themselves over again so the only real way to get through to them is to break down the barriers that have been putting up since you have lost touch.

Start connecting with the person that you want and once you have made contact, do not let up until you have completely gotten through to them.

You will be amazed at the difference this simple act can make in bringing your relationship back to where it should be.

Lastly, get help. Many people try to go it alone when it comes to dealing with a difficult person.

However, if you are having a hard time letting go, there are many resources that can help you and your loved ones to move forward.

Your health, happiness, and well being is important so make sure you get the necessary support and assistance that you need.

Hard To Let Go Of Someone You Love

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