How Can I Get Financial Help For My Dogs Surgery?

You might know that I have a dog named Hank who fell down and broke his leg. I had him in the vet’s office last week and he had some bad wounds. The vet said that if it was not an ordinary injury, that it could be life threatening. Hank is an active and healthy four legged dog. The question on how can I get financial help for my dogs surgery came up in my head.

I went to the insurance company first like every other person who has had a pet that has had an accident like Hank. I went to talk to the human resources department at the insurance company because that is what I am accustomed too. I went there and explained the situation and asked them how much of a cut would their policy give me for such an accident.

The lady at the desk told me that they only pay out when the animal is fully recovered. I told her that my dog would be fully recovered in a matter of a few days from this incident. I showed her a check stub from last year which showed that we had paid for his surgery and yet he was still healing.

She told me that we need to get a policy like Hank’s so we would never have to worry about these types of things. I asked her why and she told me that when these types of accidents happen, insurance companies know that they are going to take care of us. They do not want to take on another liability case like this. They like to know that they will get back some of their money from an insurance claim. It is pretty sad that the insurance companies try to get away with these things but it happens all the time.

When I looked into it further, I discovered that the pet plan that we had before did not cover anything for surgery, the only thing that it covered was routine vet care. I could not believe that something like surgery would be excluded from such a great plan. I immediately called the vet to find out more and to make sure that it would not be denied and went to the vet’s office to get the necessary paperwork.

The vet informed me that they only approved procedures that were needed for life. That left us with the choice of gastric bypass surgery or hip surgery for my dogs. I was not in the clear if gastric bypass was going to be the best option for our dog. The surgery cost a few thousand dollars so that was going to have to be factored into our budget.

I talked to the insurance company and they told me that I could get reimbursement from the insurance company for the amount that it costs them to operate the center. It turns out that gastric bypass is covered because they consider it to be necessary for the dogs’ well being. So I went on to find another company that will allow me to get the funds from them to pay for the surgery. Now my question was, how can I get financial help for my dogs surgery? I wanted to find the insurance company that would give me the most money to pay for the procedure.

Luckily, I was able to find a company that was willing to approve the surgery for me without any form of medical examination first. This way, I was able to save money on the operation because I did not have to go through any medical screening. It was much easier for me to be approved for the insurance because I had no pre-existing conditions. All I had to do was prove that I had been a good patient to the previous insurance company and that I had never had any complaints.

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