How Often to Feed Kittens?

How often to feed kittens is one of the most commonly asked questions by cat owners around the world. After all, kittens are cute little creatures, but they need to be fed often so that they grow up to be strong healthy cats. Kittens need to be fed every few days, and their regular schedules should be set as well. When a kitten is first born, it naturally consumes its first food, mother’s milk. This is the only nourishment that kittens ever eat before their teeth start to emerge.

After about 4 days, kittens start to get their own milk from their mothers. Only then does the young cat slowly stop feeding. It will start consuming formula milk or other milk products a few months later. Here are some guidelines on how often to feed kittens:

Kittens should be fed twice each day. This means that they should receive a half meal before feeding time and a full meal right before bedtime. Some breeders prefer to feed their kittens with dry food at night and a half a cup of milk in the morning, and the same dry food at breakfast and dinner. Most experts agree that feeding the kittens twice per day and once in the evening is best.

Know the weight and size of your kitten when you bring him home. He may seem smaller at first, but soon you will see that he grows and develops beautifully. It is important that you don’t make your kittens feel too big for their age. Keep in mind that most breeds become heavier as they become older. Go to a vet for an advice if necessary.

You should buy the best food for kitten. Remember, these animals are in a growing period so their nutrient requirements are likely to be a little higher than that of other animals their age. Kittens can eat adult food or they can be fed dry food.

One important issue concerning feeding kittens is that it is better to get them used to solid food sooner rather than later. As a kitten, they have no desire for food such as cat food. They will eat whatever comes within their reach, which could be something as small as leftover cat food. If you are not able to get your kittens used to solid food before they are eight weeks old, you can try to introduce canned cat food. Just make sure that the can is still well sealed and that the kittens’ teeth have not been harmed by the acid in the canned food.

At six weeks of age, kittens eat wet food. This is the time they are ready to receive table scraps from you or other family members. However, most kittens are not ready to start eating dry food until they are eight weeks old. You should never feed dry food to kittens under one year of age. In addition, kittens should only be given table scraps once a day. They have teeth that are just developing and they may eat the dry food.

How often you feed your pet depends on the individual kitten. Consult your veterinarian if you are not certain about how often to feed your kitty. Also consult your vet about how many times you should rotate your pets at different ages. If you already have a favorite veterinarian, he or she may also provide valuable advice in determining the appropriate feeding frequency for your feline friend. Kittens require more care than older cats and therefore should receive more attention and exercise from their owners.

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