How Should I Punish My Child?

A common question is how should I punish my child for bad behavior? Parents get so confused and start verbally abusing each other.

How can one parent control another?

In some cases, parents have a tough time expressing their anger and frustration. They keep blaming each other for all the bad things happening in their household.

You should not allow your feelings to get out of control. If you are in this situation then it may be time to talk to your child about his/her bad behavior.

Tell them that all bad behavior is unacceptable and that if they continue their bad behavior then they will receive even more punishment.

This way you give them an ultimatum to stop their bad habits or face consequences.

You can make sure that your child knows the consequences by giving them a time out after they exhibit their unwanted behavior.

Your child must know the time out is there. If they do not know the time out is coming then they will continue to exhibit their unwanted behavior.

The time out does not last very long. It is usually just a few minutes but it is enough to send them back to where they belong.

You can make sure your child understands the consequences by having a few minutes with him/her.

Explain to them what will happen if they continue to exhibit the unwanted behavior. Be sure to emphasize how long the time off will be.

Let your child see that they will not be able to watch television, play on the computer or use the video game over the time off.

You should never punish your child by using physical force. This goes against the most elementary of all human rights.

Many parents feel it is the best way to discipline. I believe that every child deserves to be respected and to be treated with kindness.

How should I punish my child when he does something wrong that you believe is not correct?

Do you have a better way to discipline my child without resorting to violence?

When you are left wondering how should I punish my child you are left with no choice.

You need to learn how to make him learn his lesson.

One of the best ways to make a child learn his lesson is through praise. Parents need to spend more time praising their children after positive behaviors have been exhibited.

Praise your child when he does something right. Repeat this when he makes a mistake. Your child will see that you value him as an individual and will try to make you happy.

How should I punish my child for bad behavior?

Punish according to the rule. If he is doing something wrong, say “no” and take him outside until he has done what is expected of him.

If he continues to do things that is not allowed, send him outside until you have finished talking to him calmly and he has come to his senses.

How should I punish my child if he steals?

Again, use praise and rewards. Once he realizes that he has done something wrong, give him a toy or treat, or any other form of reward that he may appreciate.

It is important to keep in mind that children learn from the adults around them. If you punish your child harshly it may make him less likely to learn from you.

How should I punish my child who steals? If you catch him in the act of stealing, take him outside and tell him “No, you can’t have that.”

If he refuses, tell him that if he takes anything from you it is going to hurt him or other people. If he tries to run away, repeat what you told him until he complies.

How should I punish my child who is naughty?

First, be sure that you set clear rules before you begin thinking about the different ways children learn to be naughty. Children who have good manners tend to be liked by everyone.

Children who have good manners are more likely to do the right thing in the situations they are in.

So be sure to always be consistent and stick to the rules that you lay out.

How should I punish my child who is good? If you praise a good deed, your child will find it hard not to do it again.

Praise can lead to many other forms of motivation such as helping others, playing nicely with others, and even developing personal responsibility and maturity.

When you are thinking about how should I punish my child for good deeds, consider using praise and rewards.

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