How to Build Outdoor Cat Enclosures

As a pet owner you will be pleased to know how to build outdoor cat enclosures to give your feline friends some extra space. The perfect place to give cats their own space is under a roof where they can stretch out and be protected from the elements. Building an outdoor cat enclosure is not as difficult as you might think and the instructions provided will make the process easy and quick, enabling you to finish this task in a matter of hours. If you plan to build your own outdoor cat enclosure remember the following points:

How to Build Outdoor Cat Enclosures: It is important to understand exactly what you are doing when you start learning how to build outdoor cat enclosures. The first thing to do is gather all the materials you will need. Wood, timber and PVC pipes will all be required for your project. Wood is the most common material used for building outdoor cat enclosures, although you will find some that are made from composite materials which are less expensive. If possible you should try and buy wood that has been treated to ensure it is more resistant to moisture.

How to Build Outdoor Cat Enclosures on a Budget: Building an outdoor catio is an inexpensive project, especially when you consider the price of a pet. You may have to spend a bit more on the wood but it will be money well spent in the long run. It does not take a lot of carpentry skills to construct one and most of the DIY projects you will perform will be very straight forward so you won’t face any problems. Remember to seek professional assistance if you require any help with this process as it is quite technical and requires a certain skill level.

Find the Right Plans: It is important to choose the right outdoor plans, as not all of them will give you the exact specifications you need. You will want to include ventilation, drainage and a plan that allows you to build at a height of above normal street level. This skill level is not difficult to obtain but you will need some research to find quality resources. It is not always best to purchase plans that are already drawn up, as they are rarely professionally drawn. Choose plans that are specific to outdoor plans, as they are generally more detailed and will allow you to achieve the goals you have.

Make a Plan: Once you have the basic details you will need to make a detailed plan for your project. This will ensure you achieve your goals within your allocated budget. You should also try and make a sketch of the area you are going to place the catio in so you know how much space you will have. This can help you decide on the type and size of the enclosure as well as the style so it fits in with your home.

Get the Accessories You Need: Most outdoor cat enclosures are fairly simple so the only additional equipment you may need is a shelter for your pet. A shelter can be as simple as an old shed or as elaborate as a small catio. If you are skilled at DIY this is easy enough. However, if you are not skilled in this area it may be a good idea to hire a professional. You may be surprised how simple the shelter needs to be.

Get a Building Plan: Your final step is to locate a good set of outdoor plans that suit your skill level. If you are a beginner it is a good idea to start with an outdoor plan that uses basic steel for framing and simple wood or canvas for siding. You can also find plans for more complex constructions as your skill level increases. Many catio plans include detailed instructions, drawings, diagrams and schematics which make it easy to follow.

As you continue learning how to build outdoor cat enclosures you will develop a better understanding of how to build them and you will be able to tailor the plans to fit your individual needs. As you get more involved in the project, it will become increasingly simple. It is not necessary to use steel or concrete for framing or siding. Most importantly do not be afraid to try your hand at woodworking as well. The time spent on learning how to build outdoor cat enclosures will reward you with many happy years of friendship between your cat and your family.

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