How to Discipline Bad Children the Right Way

Do you remember a little story about two little girls who lived next door to a big brother, Akatsuki?

Akatsuki liked to play baseball and his little sister, Kaho, liked to play with the latest toy in town, a cricket bat.

Every time something unusual or good happened at home, their father would take the girls outside to play baseball.

One day it just so happened that Akatsuki was telling Kaho that she should take better care of their big brother because he was always getting into trouble.

Kaho was beginning to get worried and asked her mother about this problem. The answer came in the form of a cricket bat.

It hit Kaho right in the face!

This was how to discipline bad children! Kaho’s father decided that if their daughter wanted to play outside and if her brother didn’t mind playing inside all he would have to do was give her a nice gift.

So one day, as soon as their children were out of school, Akatsuki went to a toy store where his parents were shopping.

As soon as his father saw him, he took him aside and asked what his daughter wanted for Christmas. After seeing his cute little sister, Akatsuki said he could buy her a special cricket bat.

Her father couldn’t believe his eyes. To tell the truth, he even tried to resist but finally gave in to his daughter’s wishes.

Later on that evening, as their mother and father were getting ready for bed, Akatsuki brought along her brand new cricket bat.

As soon as his parents saw him, they were so touched that they forgot how to discipline bad children.

And so was born a beautiful friendship that would last between them for years.

The way they loved and cared for each other made their relationship better than most parents and children ever imagined it could be.

But just because their relationship was perfect didn’t mean their life couldn’t get a little bit worse.

Once their daughter was able to bat, Akatsuki started having nights where she would stay up all night pouting because her bat was broken.

This only got worse when her father wouldn’t buy her a new cricket bat or a softball uniform because he didn’t think she deserved it.

This of course only enraged her even more because she had finally learned how to discipline bad children.

What she did learn about how to discipline bad children also taught her a very important lesson. And that lesson was that parents aren’t always right.

Sometimes the best thing for a child is to ignore an action if it is being done by someone she cares about.

If that person is an older brother, sister, or parent, then it’s okay to talk to them about it. But otherwise, kids should find other ways to set their own boundaries.

So how to discipline bad children isn’t always as easy as slapping them across the face or sending them to their room.

It’s about teaching a child how to respect others, how to take turns and how to share. It’s about teaching them how to take an honest and truthful approach to problem solving. It’s about teaching them self control and developing healthy relationships. All of these are difficult things to do but when you consider how it can affect the rest of your life, it’s certainly worth it.

So how to discipline bad children is a matter of learning to look at the bright side of every situation and learning not to get hung up on the negative aspects of others.

When you see something wrong, try to look at it as a positive aspect of a person’s life that they have to work through.

Then remind yourself that bad children grow up and eventually outgrow some of their negative habits.

So, even if they do end up back in the same place, it probably won’t be for long. They will learn how to deal with it and hopefully live productive lives. They may even find new friends and great lessons learned.

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