How To Punish 3 Year Old

How To Punish 3 Year Old

Do you have a 3 year old who is always getting into trouble? Do you find yourself thinking about how to punish a 3 year old for his misdeeds? Punishing a 3 year old is not as easy as you might think. This article will give you some good ideas on punishing a 3 year old for misbehavior. It also gives you information that will help you change bad behavior to good behavior.

If you want to know how to punish a 3 year old for being naughty, it starts with you making him understand why he is being naughty. One of the best ways to explain it is with an example. Suppose your 3 year old slips on something and gets it on his pants. You tell him, ‘It’s not nice when your legs get wet’. This sends out the message that he must not do that again because he gets in trouble.

The best way to explain this to your child is to imagine how it would feel like for him. Imagine yourself at work. There is a new rule that says that the three year old can no longer sneak around behind you. You tell him to move along and stop tugging on his pants. He understands why you are upset; he also understands that he got in trouble and that you would like him to learn to behave better in the future.

When you are out shopping with your family, another rule comes into play. You are not allowed to leave the house until your three year old has eaten all the food you bought for him. If you do not know how to punish a 3 year old for stealing, this can be an easy way out. Tell him that if he does not eat his food, he will have to go to the kitchen and eat his food by himself.

This might be a bit harsh, but it is effective, and your child will learn that if he is not going to eat, he needs to ask for help. You might also want to look at how to punish a 3 year old for chewing on his shoes. If your little boy is chewing on the soles of his shoes, you might want to tell him ‘no’. Again this can be harsh but effective. If the shoes start to go bad, he will be made to eat them.

Another good way to punish a 3 year old for theft is to take him to the garden to pick his vegetables. If he steals from you, then you can give him a big smack on the behind or even lock him in his room till he cleans up. Of course, this is only really going to work if you catch him in the act, so make sure you know your child’s schedule and how much time you have available to spend ridding him of his stolen goods.

Punishing a 3 year old can be a lot of fun, but you must take the time to plan how you will do it. The best way to begin is by talking to your child about his behavior. Do not let him get angry or aggrieved because that only leads to something more serious. Once he realizes what he has done, you can begin how to punish a 3 year old for theft. It is never easy teaching a young child right from wrong, and this is why we parents must take our responsibility seriously.

Learning how to punish a 3 year old for stealing is never an easy task, but as long as you stick to your guns, and do not give up, then you will have no problem getting your child to behave. You will probably need to go over your planned punishment a few times before he realizes the error of his ways, but once he is convinced of his wrong doing, you will have won half the battle.

How To Punish 3 Year Old

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