I Have Lost My Job And Feel Depressed

“I have lost my job and feel depressed.” This statement alone can sear a panic down the spine. “What must I do to get my job back?” These thoughts often plague a job seeker who has just lost a job. The first thing to do when a job is lost is to analyze exactly what led to the loss of the job. A job search can be tough on even the savviest of the veteran job seekers.

There are many contributing factors that can result in a job loss, be it lay-offs, sickness, divorce or just bad timing. With so many variables, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what caused your downfall. However, one factor that is easy to pinpoint is a bad attitude. It is important that you realize that a bad attitude can be a bigger killer than most realize. A negative, depressed attitude can cause you to lose your job faster than anything else.

So how do i get my job back? Simple, all you need to do is change your attitude. I have learned that changing my attitude has resulted in not only getting my job back, but turning it around in such a way that i have not looked back since. In fact, i have gained more work lately simply from changing my attitude.

You may ask how i was able to turn my job loss around so fast. The truth is that i have changed the way i think about the matter at hand. When i have lost my job and feel depressed i typically begin to overanalyze everything. I begin to think about reasons why i lost my job, why i kept it, what people thought of me, and generally just about everything under the sun.

All of these thoughts result in a sense of failure. As a result i begin to think that i have failed. When i have this thought in my head i begin to feel depressed again. This cycle continues until i have reached a point where i am trying to give up on life altogether. I feel as though i have absolutely no hope of changing myself or my circumstances.

To change this cycle, i have developed a routine that i follow to help change my attitude. This routine consists of making sure that i have positive thoughts and feelings at all times. By changing the way i think and talk about the situation at hand i have been able to turn my “job loss” into a “job gain”. One of the things that i have found that helps me deal with my feelings of failure is to write down the things that i have done to turn my “lose” into a “win”. By doing this, i have been able to turn the “loss” i have experienced into something that i am capable of achieving.

In addition to changing the way i think and talk about my “loss”, it helps me to create some new “win” situations. For example, if i have previously worked in accounting, i know that i have lost a lot of money. In order to prevent this from happening again, i decide to become an accountant. What this means is that i have to learn new things. By doing this i have learned that i have skills that can be used to make me money. Thus i have “lost” my job but i have also gained skills that i can put to use elsewhere.

If i had known how to change the way i was thinking and talk to myself, things may have been different. However, i have lost my job and feel depressed but i have also gained new skills that i can put to use elsewhere. How’s that for “having your cake and eating it too”? Cheers!

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