Lost My Job What to Do Next?

One of the most common questions when people are going through a job loss or changing careers is; “what to do next?” There are many things that come to mind immediately. Some people have trouble grasping how to handle job losses. Others wonder if they can still make a living in their line of work. Many people try to figure out what to do next when they lose a job. The first step is understanding the dynamics of unemployment.

  • 1. Realize that you have lost your job and the reality of that must set in. Do not let this define you as an individual. In addition, it is important to realize that this is not the end of the road for you. In fact, you will be given opportunities throughout your lifetime if you look at this realistically and with an open mind.
  • 2. Determine how you will get back into the workforce. If you are laid off or have experienced a difficult layoff then it may be necessary for you to go back to school to obtain an education or another job. Even if your job was lost my job what to do next?
  • 3. Take inventory of your skills and what you can turn into income. This is a crucial step to figuring out what to do next after your lost my job what to do next. It is important to figure out what you can turn into income and what you will have to do without. A skill that may have been lost my job but which can be gained is always a positive thing.
  • 4. Create a work schedule which you can live with. Once you know what to do next after a job is lost my job what to do next, figure out a work schedule. This is where self discipline and determination come in handy. If you take your assignment and complete it to the best of your ability and you take pride in your work then you will have no problem meeting your income goals. Discipline and determination will carry you through any problems that may arise.
  • 5. Evaluate your assets and your liabilities. As we all know, one of the most difficult things to do after a job loss is to start planning for the future. If you lost my job what to do next, you need to evaluate what you currently have going for you and what you could have lost had you not lost your job. You need to determine what you are worth to your employer and to yourself.
  • 6. Gather your assets and liabilities together. In determining what to do next after a loss of income, you should also include your assets and liabilities. Once you have assessed what you have and what you could have lost you need to determine how those assets and liabilities will be used to support your needs until you earn enough money again. You need to determine what type of income you will have available once you regain your previous income levels. You can continue to support yourself with your assets and your new source of income or you can sell those assets and apply some of the money to your new asset base.
  • 7. Do what you love. There is a saying “work hard and play hard.” This saying holds true when you lose your job. You have to learn to play the game and find a way to make your job “play” for you. After all, if you enjoy what you do each day then you will not dread returning to your old job and doing the same things.

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