Parenting Tips on Discipline

Parenting tips on discipline can be found in nearly every parenting magazine and book.

I’ve read hundreds of parenting articles over the years that have given me some good insights on parenting tips on discipline.

A big theme in many parenting tips on discipline is the importance of rewarding good behavior. The child needs to know they are being appreciated.

Parents can reinforce this message by saying things like, ‘good job’ or ‘good work’ when they see their child doing something right. This will make them feel good and show they are important.

Another great parenting tip on discipline is to let your child understand the difference between right and wrong.

There are some behaviors that are wrong and inappropriate and there are some that are right. Letting your child know the difference is one of the first steps in changing their behavior.

When teaching your child new behavior be sure to use consequences.

For example if you tell your child ‘it’s time to go outside’ but they ignore you and don’t go, instead of yelling at them in frustration you could give them a small push against the side of the house.

This is just one example of reinforcing good behavior.

The same goes for getting them to clean their room, by giving them a small praise when they finish or by giving them a hug or high-fiving them for cleaning the room.

I find that one of the best parenting tips on discipline is to always check with your child’s pediatrician to make sure that their medications are correct.

If they are not then find a new pediatrician or pediatric nurse to take them. This way you can solve any health problems your child may have as soon as possible.

One thing that has stood out for me as an effective parenting tips on discipline is to say no to certain things that you might want to allow your child to do.

I once learned the hard way that eating was not allowed during the three month challenge. I had to learn quick.

I also learned that saying ‘no’ means different things to different people. So, it’s important to talk to your child about this and let them know why you are saying no.

It doesn’t mean that you are punishing them or they won’t eat; it simply means that you are stating a fact and you should stick with it.

I also make sure to keep a close eye on my child while they are playing. My child will immediately begin to pick up bad habits like hitting or picking their toys up.

To keep myself from having to explain why I’m not letting them play certain games again in the future, I make sure I watch them closely to make sure they are picking up the right behaviors.

I think one of the most helpful parenting tips on discipline is to let your child understand why you are disciplining them.

Your child wants to know why you are being strict on them. If you are constantly nagging at your child for not doing something right then they are going to pick up on that.

By giving them a clear explanation as to why you are being stricter on them, you will actually be helping them succeed more often.

It is so very important to remember that if you are parenting tips on discipline, you are also parenting tips on how to deal with change.

I am still a parent and have not been divorced yet but I have seen what divorce can do to a family.

Believe me, there are plenty of horrible stories about what parents go through when their children become teenagers.

So, even if I am not experiencing any struggles currently, I definitely know what it is like to go through it. One of the best parenting tips on discipline that I could give you is to never give up.

Giving up is never an option for me because I know that it is the best thing for your child.

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