Tips For Effective Discipline For 5 Year Old

When a five year old begins to behave badly, most parents will try to apply some form of effective discipline.

The problem is that many five year olds simply don’t understand why they are being punished.

They often see their parents as adults who can’t be understanding. This often leads to more punishment than is necessary.

Parents need to look out for the child’s best interests and use effective discipline for 5 year old. However, they must not be harsh on them.

For example, a child should not be asked to sit out the rest of the lesson just because he hasn’t done his homework.

Instead, parents should offer a gentle reminder each time to do his homework before going to bed.

Most importantly, parents should offer praise when their child does something good.

Praise is an effective discipline for 5 year old, but it is even more important when the child gets a reward for something he did incorrectly.

An excellent way to praise your child is by giving him a small treat, which can be as simple as a slice of cake or a toy. This will motivate the child to do the correct thing again the next time.

In general, children are better off being taught by example. If you buy your child a play station, tell your friends how happy you are with his/her performance.

If you dress your children appropriately for school, it will show that you believe in their education. Encourage your children to follow rules. And when they break one of these rules, offer an explanation.

Children learn best from models. If you have older siblings, you can talk to them about your experience as a parent.

Or, find some literature on parenting by a popular author. Read these to your children. You’ll learn a lot about successful parenting techniques and what not to do.

A punishment should never be carried out on a whim. Even if your child is ready to spend the rest of the night in a clean, closed up room, you shouldn’t do this.

Children are more likely to understand a punishment if it is realistic, and they won’t take punishment to heart. For instance, a spanking could be over, but your child will still get it the next time.

Finally, don’t be harsh with your child. This goes for any discipline, not just for children. Take a few minutes, ask your child what he or she does well and bad. Do this with your own children too.

You can be effective discipline for 5 year old by using these ideas. And remember that it is your duty as a parent to set clear and consistent rules.

Punish, but not immediately, for good behavior. Reward good behavior and do it all the time. You’ll find that not only is your child more likely to behave, but also that your home life will improve in other ways too.

Punishment is effective for very young children because they are in a hurry to establish a reputation. They want to please you and get through to you quickly.

But as they get older, that type of behavior gets old. Your child wants to make a real effort to please you.

When you start using negative consequences, you send the message that this kind of behavior is unacceptable.

You reinforce the idea that negative behaviors are going to hurt you and that you don’t want that.

In five year old behavior problems, what you do is generally pretty much what you’ve always done. Ignore your child’s behavior problems.

Make them stop when they are doing something wrong. Don’t offer a lot of praise or rewards. The goal is just to get them to stop.

Over time, that kind of behavior will become increasingly unacceptable, especially if your child gets older.

There is a new approach, however, that can provide effective discipline for 5 year olds and beyond. Rather than punishment, use praise and rewards.

Kids learn best by getting lots of positive feedback. By offering them something that is good or doing something that they like, you are praising them and reinforcing their positive behavior.

This makes it easier for them to modify their behavior problems and come to recognize their success.

So, don’t lose sleep over your child’s behavior. Remember that it’s the parent’s responsibility to take the child back to the kind of thinking that will make their dreams come true.

Do that by making sure that you give them clear, consistent, effective discipline. That’s how you will get everything that you and your child need.

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