Tips on Appropriate Punishment for 6 Year Old

Potty training is often very difficult for parents and can be the best experience of your life. It can also be the worst experience of your life if you do not get it right.

You are going to want to punish your six year old for accidents and mistakes made, but you also need to give him rewards so that he stays on track.

This is how you will come up with appropriate punishment for 6 year old potty training.

Accidents can happen when a six year old is wetting the bed. You can make him stop using the potty by holding him by his feet and telling him “no” when he stops.

If he goes in the potty he has to wait until you let him out again. This is a lesson in patience, but you can also use a potty seat that snaps or an older model potty seat.

When you catch him in the act of peeing in the wrong place tell him “no!”

Some parents have learned that using an older potty training method works better than a potty seat. A six year old has little or no control over his bladder and can accidentally pass gas.

When this happens stop what you are doing and get him outside to finish. Tell him that another potty training method has been called for and then go sit down. If he finishes outside quietly praise him.

Some six year olds have accidents in the house as well and they are afraid that something is wrong. You should never punish a child because they are afraid.

They are only afraid because they are new to the house and you have not put any familiar situations into their learning experience.

The best potty training method will be one that you both agree on. This does not mean you are forced into anything that you do not want.

If you two cannot agree you can look at some of the other options available to you. You may decide to make the trip to the potty training center part of your weekly routine.

This way your child knows that he will need to go there after he has used the bathroom.

If he starts making his way home in the middle of the night, you can remind him by saying his name several times and bringing him back out.

Sometimes it can take time for a six year old to understand that he needs to use the potty after he has been to the bathroom.

When this happens, you should not give in to his whining. Punishing him will just make him feel worse.

He may become fearful of you and refuse to use the potty after that. This is another reason why parents should discuss every aspect of the potty training with their children.

Another mistake some parents make is yelling at their six year olds when they mess up the toilet. Your child needs to know that you are disappointed and upset, but not angry.

It is OK to say that it is not good when he messes up. You might even say it was a mistake when he does use the potty. This will help him to be more responsible when he messes his bathroom.

When potty training your six year old, remember to be patient and understanding. Don’t yell at him.

Giving him a rough time will only make him afraid of you. If you are consistent, he will be able to understand the process much faster.

If he has problems going to the bathroom, pick him up and place him in his pajamas while you go and clean up his mess. Let him learn to self soothe by getting rid of his own mess.

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