Tips on How to Care For a New Kitten

If you are looking at bringing a kitten home for the first time, you may be wondering how to care for a new kitten. Kittens can be quite cute, but they can also be very fragile. In this article, we will give you some information on how to care for a new kitten so that your new baby is healthy and happy.

When you are looking into how to care for a new kitten, it is important to think about where the cat will live during its first few months in your home. Make sure that you keep a fresh supply of water available for them. Also, make sure that their food is changed several times each day.

Kittens need to be socialized early on, especially if you choose to get him or her from a breeder. You can bring a kitten home from the pet store, but you might not know how to handle it. A breeder will have classes that can help introduce your cat to other cats and people. Kittens do not learn how to get along with other animals until later, so it is better to start socialization early in order to avoid the problem of shyness that will plague your kitten for the rest of its life.

Before bringing your new kitten home, set up an environment that is easy for the cat to get used to. First of all, set up a scratching post and place your cat near it. Cats are notorious for scratch posts. Place the post a few inches away from your cat, and gradually work on making the distance shorter. Once the kitten has become accustomed to the proximity of the post, you can take it to another area of your house and place it on the scratching post there.

Kittens need to be bathed at least once every week, but the frequency will depend upon how long the kitten has been in your house. Never use human shampoo on a new kitten. The fur in the kitten’s ears and around the face is extremely sensitive, and any residue left on the kitten’s skin can lead to a skin infection. Instead, purchase a mild baby shampoo that is safe to use on kittens.

As a precaution, never turn your kitten over to another person before it is fully awake. Kittens cannot communicate with humans in any way and cannot feel pain. Turning over the cat can cause your kitten to lose its balance and develop a condition known as “head bumping.” If you feel that your kitten has bumped its head on something during the day, gently pick it up and place it in a towel to relieve the pressure. Some cats will also attempt to self-right by curling their trunk and moving it forward on their back.

One of the most important tips on how to care for a new kitten is that you must make sure that the animal is always clean. You should clip your pet’s nails at least two weeks prior to bringing him home. You can clip your cat’s nails using a nail clipper or a nail file, but a blunt nail clipper is preferable, as it won’t catch any surprises. Brushing your kitten is an important part of grooming, as his fur can become matted if it isn’t brushed regularly. Make sure that you brush your pet regularly, especially if he or she has a lot of hair, as it will help to remove matting and prevent matting from happening again.

Caring for a kitten is not difficult, but you do have to be responsible. In addition to watching your new kitten for signs of how to care for a new kitten, you must also be diligent about the care you provide. If you are providing the proper food, shelter and exercise, then your pet kitten will grow up to be a healthy adult cat. Kittens may also have their teeth checked by their veterinarian once they reach eight weeks of age.

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