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One of the more frequent questions I get from men when they ask about their relationship with their partner is “What does pornography do to your brain?” Most men aren’t able to answer this question with anything but a negative response. Most often the man is quick to blame their porn addiction on their lack of performance in bed, or that it is “all in your head.” While it’s true that porn addiction is at least partially responsible for the problems in the relationship, there are other, much bigger underlying causes. Here is what does pornography do to your brain:

  • Pornography depletes the chemicals and neurons in the brain. Many of these areas are involved in the pleasure seeking behavior associated with porn. In fact, most men who are highly addicted to porn tend to crave for the sexual release without even thinking about it. When a man becomes fixated on pornography, he can become unreasonably obsessed with it and his brain starts to work in an unnatural way. This can be very dangerous to a relationship because the partner simply has no idea how to treat his excessive sexual desires.
  • Pornography uses up a lot of resources in the brain. It requires a lot of mental stimulation in order to produce the desired result. It also involves a lot of fantasy and imagination which further drains many areas of the brain. The constant need to see and perform in porn affects the visual system and the way your brain functions. Over time, the more you use pornography, the more your brain gets used to it and your reaction to it changes.
  • Pornography often requires the use of illegal drugs. This often goes hand in hand with the addiction. Since the addict doesn’t think that he is using any drugs at all, the brain goes into a different mode and doesn’t respond to the stimulus that it normally responds to. Many times people who are addicted to pornography also have substance addictions. Other times they may have gambling addictions.
  • Another reason as to what does pornography do to your brain is because of the amount of money that is involved. The Internet is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to find their pornography of choice. Some people will download several videos and either share them with others or use them on a site where other people can see them. Others will just go to the library and look through the books that they can find. This way their porn stays safe and out of sight.
  • Sexual stimuli is one of the most addictive behaviors a person can do. When you see someone engaging in masturbation, you would assume that it must be something good. You might even begin to think about what does pornography do to your brain. It could be causing you to want to do it more. You should consider if the amount of time you spend watching porn is taking away from your real world life.
  • Even though you may not realize it, pornography can be a form of escape. If you are dealing with stress or a difficult situation in your life, you may watch some pornography to try and alleviate your feelings of stress. However, this too can have harmful effects on your brain. What does pornography do to your brain? You may find yourself thinking about porn instead of real world problems.

The impact of what does pornography do to your brain is serious. You need to get help for it, whether it is by seeing a therapist or trying the more popular alternatives such as porn movies. You need to understand the effect of pornography on your brain in order to make a decision about what to do about it. You don’t have to live with the damage it is doing to you. Find out what is really causing it and get help!

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