What is a Cheeky Bikini?

What is a Cheeky Bikini?

A cheeky bikini is a type of two-piece swimsuit with a higher, narrower cut on the leg. Unlike a traditional two-piece bikini, cheeky bottoms can be found in a variety of styles, from modest bottoms to full-on thongs. If you’re unsure of which type to get, read on. Here are some of the benefits of cheeky bottoms.

Moderate coverage

The cheeky bottom is the perfect option for most people. Unlike the full-coverage bikini, it provides ample coverage without exposing too much skin. This type of bottom has become a swimwear staple. A moderate coverage bikini bottom still has a cheeky cut, but it provides ample coverage and a sleek look. Unlike the thong bikini bottom, these bottoms are still sexy and flattering.

A cheeky bottom pairs best with the high-waisted or mid-rise cut. The extra fabric on the waistline hides the lower tummy while minimal coverage on the back balances out the lower coverage. You can get this style in all shapes and sizes. Moderate coverage cheeky bikini bottoms can be a great choice for those who have a small or full cup size. The cheeky bottom can also go with different styles and colors.

A moderately covered bottom is a comfortable choice that doesn’t sacrifice style. They can be feminine, modern, and even edgy. To match, you can choose from a range of bikini bottoms with Envy Push Up(r) bra tops, triangle tops, and tankini tops. If you’re concerned about your appearance, a moderate coverage bikini bottom is a great option for you.

Minimal rear exposure

Cheeky bikini bottoms have a unique cut that accentuates your natural shape. The curve in the opposite direction of the cheeks, provides enough coverage to feel comfortable in most settings while avoiding too much rear exposure. These bottoms are often seen as a staple of swimwear and can be paired with various thong bottoms to create a bikini look. Read on for more details about this popular swimwear style.

Cheeky bottoms are great for summer days at the beach, but if you’re looking for comfort and fewer tan lines, a full-coverage bottom may be better. These Colombian bikinis are designed for long days on the beach. They are designed to prevent tan lines while showing off your skin and minimizing rear exposure. They also give you the sun-kissed look without the full coverage of a bikini.

Cheeky bikini bottoms provide good coverage at the front, but the minimal rear exposure makes them ideal for elongating the legs. The cut of cheeky bottoms sits on the hips and gives your body a trim, athletic appearance. Minimal rear coverage is a plus. They are also ideal for slender women who want to show off their sculpted legs.

A cheeky bikini is a great choice for women who don’t want to expose their thighs but still want to be modest. Cheeky panties provide medium coverage and can also be worn with a bra. The cheeky cut is the perfect compromise between a thong and a brief. The cheeky cut is both sexy and practical. If you’re looking for a thong, a cheeky bikini may be right for you.


A cheeky bikini is one of the most flattering and slimming types of bikinis available. They are extremely popular among women, especially in the twerking age, and they have many benefits. They do not conform to any dress code. Likewise, men are known to wear shirtless bikinis to show off their abs. Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for one.

The most comfortable cheeky bikini is one that is soft and smooth. The fabric used to create these bottoms is super soft, resulting in a sexy look that will leave you feeling sexy. These bottoms are typically lined and are made of silky-soft fabric. If you prefer a less revealing bikini, look for one with ruffles at the edge.

The straps should be wide so that you have good support and comfort. Lace adds a feminine touch to cheeky bikinis. You can even buy a plain cheeky thong bikini and pair it with push-ups or classic triangle tops. If you’re looking for a sexy bikini without any lace, try HeatherLeigh Swimwear’s cheeky bikini bottoms. They feature a seamless backside.

If you want to keep your sides covered while you’re in the water, a cheeky bikini is an excellent option. They are more flattering than low-cut jeans and can help prevent VPL from the sides. A cheeky bikini is also more fashion-forward than a bikini, and you’ll probably feel more comfortable wearing one than another. You can find the perfect cheeky bikini by reading reviews.


A practical cheeky bikini can help prevent VPL. These bikinis are generally wider on the side panels and are designed to give more coverage at the hips. Because the back panel is narrow, there is less pressure on the sides, which is a good thing for those with visible panty lines. Here are some important factors to consider when purchasing a cheeky bikini. The bottom line: Choose a bikini style that suits your figure and your body type.

The cheeky bikini is a great way to show off your bum. While typical bikini bottoms cover the entire butt, cheeky bottoms are higher at the back, which helps elongate legs and creates an illusion of a bigger booty. This style is flattering to all body shapes, including hourglass and pear figures. Choose one that provides the proper coverage, and you will look great on the beach.

A cheeky bikini should not be worn every day. You’ll want to check yourself often, and most likely only wear it when you’re feeling lazy or not bothered by being exposed. Level two cheeky bikinis are also less revealing than level one. You can still show off your butt and thighs, but they can be less flattering than boyshorts. They also offer classy coverage.

A cheeky bikini should provide moderate coverage in the rear while still giving the tush plenty of coverage. Choose a cheeky panty that is mid-rise or higher to create the best look for your body type and lifestyle. You can choose between high and low cheeky underwear. In general, the mid-rise cheeky waistband is the industry standard. If you choose a cheeky bikini for everyday use, it’s best to choose a mid-rise cheeky style for maximum coverage.


Cheeky bikini bottoms have quickly become a popular choice for bikinis bottoms. These bottoms strike the right balance between revealing Brazilian-style bikini bottoms and conservative full-coverage bottoms. There are several styles available from leading designers. For more information about cheeky bottoms, read on! We’ve included a selection below. Also, check out our blog for more bikini fashion ideas.

The classic triangle-style bikini is no longer considered acceptable on Florida beaches. Instead, go for a cheeky bottom with bright prints, intricate cutouts, and overlapping straps. Cheeky bottoms are the hottest trend in swimwear. Listed below are a few of our favorites:

The cheeky cut is a great choice for those looking for coverage without the revealing effect of the string bikini. These panties offer moderate coverage while still leaving the cheeks exposed. They’re also flattering on all shapes and sizes and are the perfect balance between full rear coverage and practical comfort. And if you’re looking for a cheeky cut that will accentuate your curves, this is the style for you!

What is a Cheeky Bikini?

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