What is Real Estate Photography?

What is Real Estate Photography? Real Estate Photography is a segment of the larger field called real estate photography. It is nothing like commercial or photojournalism; this is more of an industry that produces high-quality images that can be licensed to be used commercially.

In fact, what is real estate photography is just another name for advertising, promotion, and public relations photography.

As a profession, it is a relatively new field, having its start in the 1970s. Real Estate Photography, much like all other photography, is an industry you would likely find on the cutting edge of new technologies.

This kind of photography is more of a sales career, just as much as any other art. Here are some real estate photography tips to help you get your career started.

There are a couple of main roles that real estate photography plays. One is to create marketing and promotional materials, which include brochures, maps, flyers, letterhead, website, and signs.

Another role is to capture photos of homes and potential buyers at various stages of the buying process. The photos can be used to evaluate homes on a buyer’s behalf. Potential buyers can look at the photos, say they like what they see and contact you.

Some of the most popular photos used commercially are of people and their automobiles. Auto brokers put out brochures showing cars in various conditions, sometimes grimy, sometimes gleaming.

One of the hottest trends in real estate photography right now is to take shots of a potential buyer’s living room. A potential buyer’s living room is usually one of the last places buyers look before they make their decision.

Take a photo of the furniture and decor, but also add in an extra shot of the living room in an empty frame.

Lighting is essential in real estate photography. Lighting is essential in almost any commercial or personal photography, but there is even more demand for lighting in real estate because the camera must be able to set the mood.

A photographer can set the mood with a few clicks of a camera button. To set the mood simply move the camera’s shutter speed up and down.

Real estate photographers often use wide-angle lenses when taking photos of homes. This is because wide-angle lenses provide a greater depth of field, and provide greater field of vision because of the size of the camera lens.

A wider angle also creates a larger image plane. Digital photography has created new possibilities in wedding photography, and now estate photographers can take great photos of potential home owners with wide-angle lenses.

Another thing that real estate photographers need to remember about their clientele is client loyalty. Clients are more likely to buy from a professional than they are to hire an amateur.

Most amateur photographers will not have taken as many photos as they would if they were hired by a real estate photography agency.

In order to keep customers loyal to their photographers, real estate photographers need to stick with what their clients ask for and give them something worth buying. These are some of the best real estate photography tips that anyone can use.

As a real estate photographer, you may think that the big shots will save the best real estate photos, but this is not always the case.

There is no way for your client to hold your hand through the entire buying process, so it is up to you to let them in on what they should know up front.

Remember, these photos will speak volumes for your work, and these photos will define you and your business in the mind of your customer for years to come. Use these tips any time you are asked what is real estate photography.

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