What Is Time Lapse Photography?

What is time lapse photography? Time lapse photography is the technique where the speed at which pictures are taken is much higher than the speed at which the film frames are exposed.

As a result, when seen at normal speed time seems to be moving much faster and so lapsing. It is the effect of human eyes and the increase in processing power that allows this to happen.

The concept of what is time lapse photography was conceived by NASA Scientists and Engineers. They were looking for a way to take a picture of an aircraft during flight at various altitudes.

Although the initial attempt failed they found the effect to be very useful and so patented the idea and it now belongs to the public domain.

Some people like to use the images to check on weather forecasts but there are also professional photographers who make a living out of what is time lapse photography.

There are different advantages to what is time lapse photography. If you take a series of still pictures you can watch them all unfold without losing your patience.

If you have taken a series of moving images you can watch them all travel together and get a feeling of fluidity in their movement.

If you would like to try your hand at making movies then the time lapse photography can be fun to experiment with. You can create a slideshow of your favorite photographs and then watch them unfold as you record the scene as it occurs.

As with all things in life what is time lapse photography has its drawbacks. In the case of still pictures there is a loss of clarity because the camera lens will need to adjust its focus as the picture moves through the lens.

For those who enjoy the sound of waterfalls or the appearance of running streams the effects that what is time lapse photography can have can be very disorienting and can cause your mind to wander.

If you are taking a series of images at different altitudes then your brain will need to work that much harder to compensate for the slight differences in image sharpness.

There are ways that you can help yourself to overcome the shortfalls of what is time lapse photography if you are going to employ this technique.

The first way that you can try is to experiment with the type of camera that you are using. If you have a digital camera then you are lucky because the image processors and settings that these cameras have allow for a much more fine-tuned processing of the images.

It is common for the processor to be able to remove the red eye, blurring and other artifacts from the picture such as this.

This can make the image look sharper and fresher than what is time lapse photography will render. If you have a film camera then you might find that the quality will be much less if there are any digital processing methods applied to the photos.

The next thing that you can do to help yourself when it comes to what is time lapse photography is to be patient. You may find that it takes a few weeks or even months for the time lapse images to come in.

Some photographers do not like to wait this long for what is time lapse photography to take place, so if you find this is not your cup of tea then you might consider hiring somebody to take the images for you.

This is another great way that you can work to get the images that you want without having to worry about being patient.

If you are a person who is not patient and likes to move things along at a fast pace then you may want to consider breaking bad and trying something else.

The problem is that what is time lapse photography is not just a matter of setting up and taking pictures. You have to be able to edit the images to make them what you want them to be and you have to be patient and waiting for the results to take place.

A great way to make your pictures more interesting is to make them look like videos. There are many different sites on the internet that are dedicated to showing people how to make their pictures into video clips.

With the use of special software and the right type of equipment you can make your time lapses into a video that you can watch on your television or you can even save to your hard drive to watch later.

What is time manipulation is not a bad hobby after all and it is certainly one that you should try if you are looking for an interesting way to capture time in your life. After all, nothing is better than a breathtaking timelapse to start your morning, or your afternoon, or your night.

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